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Es Vedrà and Ibiza: Myths and Realities of the Mysterious Island


Actually famous, like megastar famous. Even before the days of the internet, the curiously shaped rock off the coast was a special place. Amazing, I know, things happened before we were able to share them on Facebook.

For example, In the 1850’s a monk in exile spent some time living on Es Vedra, in retreat from the world. Apparently he had several visions of the Virgin Mary, sparking pilgrimages and the founding of a hermitage. He lived long before cameras were commonplace, so we will just have to take his word for it.

Do  you believe in fairy tales and ghost stories? It is in no doubt that the mystical island of Es Vedra has acquired a number of mysterious myths and legends. 

Do UFOs really land on Es Vedra?


I’ll be honest with you. If I could answer this one with cast-iron evidence, you’d be reading my words on the front page of every newspaper on Earth rather than on this blog. Nevertheless, we can try to apply some deductive reasoning.

Can we come to the conclusion that if aliens exist, and they want to be sneaky when they visit, it would be quite a good idea for them to land on a rock that is already surrounded by myths? Elementary, my dear Watson.

People love stories of little green men. Hours of video have been poured over and wild claims have been made. If you want to believe enough, you can probably convince yourself of anything. Personally I’ve not seen any conclusive proof in the so-called UFO videos, so I have to say I’m skeptical.

All aliens please follow these directions


But then, there is the construction of a compass for lost aliens built by a guy who actually  flew to space. It’s just outside his mansion at Cala Llentia. Which when you think about it, is quite a lot of effort to go to in order to guide aliens (masters of intergalactic travel, but even they can’t find parking on Las Islas Baleares) down to a landing pad on top of a giant rock out to sea.

Unless aliens are real; in which case everything makes perfect sense.

Admittedly the mind behind this sculpture is also that which founded Cirque du Soleil, so maybe we’re being clowned after all. It could be the joke or whim of millionaire that mere mortals will never understand.

So what is to be made of this idea? Are UFOs hovering overhead, waiting to swoop down and abduct unsuspecting clubbers? Maybe this is the re-opening of Space we’ve all been waiting for.

Even if we were to accept that the ‘Stonehenge’ compass is the whimsy of a multimillionaire fire eater, there is still the unexplained encounter of the passenger plane in 1979, chased by red lights in the sky.  In 2014 there was something photographed hanging in the skies over Ibiza- the government claimed it was “space junk”. Yeah, we’re going to believe what the government says, right?

newspaper clipping about ufo encounter ibiza

Ooh. Spooky.

Human Sacrifices in Ibiza?!

Visitors to Ibiza may be familiar with the word Tanit, even if you don’t know the meaning. It’s the name of numerous businesses, from car rental, a hotel, a restaurant, a brand of jeans, and so on; Tanit is also a not uncommon name for Ibicencan women.

The history is as follows. From around the 7th Century B.C, the Phoenicians of Carthage had almost total control of the Mediterranean for three or four hundred years, until an extended period of fighting the Romans put an end to their dominance. During this time Ibiza was a Carthaginian settlement and the religion of Carthage was widespread.

This was a polytheistic cult that was similar to the Greek or Roman mythology. Gods sitting on mountains, people turning into swans, giant monsters and so on. At the head of that religion was Ba’al Hammon, and his wife Tanit. Some legends say that she was born here, on Es Vedra itself…

In the days before Instagram this was how you started trends


According to the scholars of the time, this religion was prone to sacrificing animals to their gods in exchange for favours, and some Romans and Greeks claimed that this extended to the sacrifice of human children also. Later authors have speculated that of all likely locations for this grisly scene, Es Vedra would be the most probable.

What is the truth then? Well, there’s been no archaeological evidence to support this claim. It’s possible the accusations of ritual sacrifice were simply pre-Christian fake news, written by the Greeks to discredit their political rivals.

Over time Tanit herself became Juno to the Romans and then was adapted again by the Christian Church, some thousand years after she first arrived in Ibiza. We look out from Cala d’Hort and see Es Vedra as mysterious and beautiful– maybe long ago it was also a place of menace.

Unearthly Magnetism?

Everybody knows that Es Vedra is the 3rd most magnetic place on earth. It’s fact, right? The most magnetic place on Earth being the North Pole, followed by the Bermuda Triangle. Then it’s Es Vedra. It’s just a fact.

Nope! Despite the number of times,I found this claim repeated across the internet, there’s no hard evidence for this myth either. It turns out that Es Vedra is made of mostly sandstone, with no actual magnetic material involved- no meteors, no space iron, no earth iron. Nada.

The strangest thing is that the origin of this myth is elusive. How it came to be that this idea came to be common knowledge is perhaps lost to the vagaries of oral history.

a compass
Rumours that Es Vedra affects navigational equipment are widespread


If we’re thinking laterally we could say that Es Vedra is magnetic for many other reasons- for its beauty, for its mythology even. Proof of this truth is all around us, humans are drawn to Es Vedra to make art, to take pictures, to fall in love and to meditate, recharge and energise. The practical effects of the atmosphere at Es Vedra cannot be understated; but unfortunately, in this case, it looks like the physical magnetism is just an urban legend.

Es Vedra is the Tip of Atlantis

Ok, this should be easy, Atlantis doesn’t exist. We can say that for certain, so Es Vedra is not the tip of something that doesn’t exist.

Or does it?

According to Wikipedia, there are lots of possible locations that people have theorised could be where Atlantis really was. Es Vedra and Ibiza don’t appear on any list of possible sites- but this got me thinking. What if Atlantis wasn’t really in one place at all? The Mediterranean was the stage where all the ancient civilisations traded and fought, from ancient Egypt onwards, through the Greeks and Romans and our old friends the Carthaginians and many others.

Ancient Carthaginians gave me this idea when I read more about them. What if Atlantis was an empire of city-states, like all the other nation states that came after? Greece had Sparta and Athens and Syracuse, and the Romans, well- they were from Rome, after all.

Everywhere and nowhere…

graffiti on ibiza of Shiva, the hindu god
Wall markings left by an unknown tribe on Ibiza

With this thinking, we could imagine that our own Es Vedra could indeed be a ‘tip’ – the last islands before you reach the Iberian peninsula, and the savage tribes of our ancestors.

Maybe Shiva, who lives down at the other Atlantis, the shrine opposite the rock, can be encouraged to ask Tanit for us. Anyone up for a trip? I know the way.

In the end it doesn’t matter whether we can prove the legends true or false. In a world of easily accessible information and instant gratification it’s surely a good thing to have a little uncertainty and mystery.

Sometimes it’s just nice to have an interesting story to go with the wine. Raise a glass with me to Es Vedra, thanks for giving us stories to tell.