About Ash.


Did you know that only 35% of marketers have a content management strategy? Isn’t that kind of weird, when we all need content for marketing? I mean, I’m not telling you how to do your job, but firing facebook updates and blog posts into the void is 2008 tactics.

You’re better than that.


Do you want to connect with your target audience? The Internet is very big place, and you feel that your voice is forgotten, lost, unheard.  Ash offers you the perfect tool to capture the attention of your potential clients:  copywriting! Content marketing has never been more important than it is today. Google now filters out keyword stuffed nonsense with backlinks from low-quality sites. You need content that engages your audience, with your voice and authority.

Who is Ash Sharp: and why do I want to give him money?


1) He doesn’t like this picture very much (although his shirt is amazing)

2) He has sold over 4 million words of content

3) He has written 12 books (but only one has his name on it)

4) He’s part of Zitrica, a 360 digital marketing agency on Ibiza.

5) He is originally from Yorkshire, but he lost his accent. Sad face emoticon.

6) He is an SEO and Insights junky, accredited by great Google herself.

7) He knows to write in the third person for SEO purposes. What a guy.

Ash is available for freelance copywriting, SEO, social media consultancy, and coffee. He likes an Americano (black), or a latte with almond milk if they have it.

All inquiries, please fill out this form.


An Abnormal Normality?

A harrowing account of a young apostate in the United Kingdom.

The Hussain Files

You’d think your parents would be the first to tell you about your heritage, your sense of belonging, who you are – your identity. Not in my case. I had always assumed I was of a West Indian/Jamaican background, or at least part of me was. The only indication that I was of Pakistani heritage was in the accent, manner and cultural apparel of my mother; a lone foreign voice within a British and integrated family. If I barely knew my ancestry, why would I even think to consider if I had any religious beliefs. Yes I was dedicated into a mostly Jamaican Pentecostal Church as a child, but being four years old at the time, Church for me meant Sunday School: synonymous with singing songs and colouring in pictures of fishes, loaves and a figure on a cross. I’d heard the terms ‘Jesus’, ‘Christ’ and ‘God’, but that’s all…

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